New layout!

2008-12-27 22:37:54 by FuNDaMeLoN

Well how do ya like it?
Everything done by hand in Paint.
Uncertain of the top banner though...

Also, ive started to upload audio to the Portal.
It's all DnB remixes so far, and all from scratch - no subroutines, no raw, isolated tracks --- just the mp3, mixed and messed up to create a work of art. (If i can say so myself... :D)


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2008-12-27 22:40:38

Just so ya know, MS Paint is rather frowned on around these parts. :(

Artweaver will make ur art wayyy better lookin'!

FuNDaMeLoN responds:

Thanks for the help man. you're right- it helps a LOT :D
Woo! I'll have the new stuff up in no time now.
Thanks again for the assist!